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Since your financial problem and reasons can be different from others, it’s important that you turn to experts for guidance. At Credit Management Services, we will review your circumstances to discuss the various options available, and help you decide on the most suitable and effective plan of action.
By offering efficient and friendly services we not only help our clients with immediate solution to their financial problems but also overview their future planning and goals and lead them to improve their cash flow and long term profitability.

How We Can Help

In Ontario, there are primarily three options through which we can help you to resolve your financial difficulty and relieve your stress.

Our professionals will work for you to:

  • Reduce your debt to one affordable monthly installment
  • Stop calls from collectors and any legal actions
  • Stop your interest charges right away
  • Save your Car, House, Business, RRSP, RESP & other assets
  • Stop the garnishment of your income right away
  • Bring back your stress free life

The three options that are available by law in Ontario are Consumer Proposal, Consolidation Loan & Bankruptcy.

Consumer Proposal

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It is an option, through which it is proposed to your creditors that while your debt is no more affordable, you are willing to pay a portion of what you owe through interest-free monthly installment which is much lower and manageable.

With the help of a Certified Credit Counsellor at Credit Management Services, a legal binding is enforced in the form of Consumer-Proposal on your creditors with a defined payment plan which is based on your family income and other obligations. This settlement is what you need to overcome your financial problem and regain your freedom to cover your other needs.

With the help of our experience, we can not only stop any kind of legal proceedings and garnishments against you but also get your home, car, business, RSP & other assets exempt and safe from your creditors.

 Secured Loan / Debt Consolidation Loan

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We can arrange a secured loan from a bank or a financial institute which can repay all your high interest outstanding debt and decrease your monthly payments and interest charges.
A debt consolidation loan which will be an unsecured loan can also be obtained from a bank or a financial institute which can repay all your outstanding debt. You will then need to repay one consolidation loan along with its interest charges (Fixed or Variable) on monthly basis, instead of paying the different loan accounts or creditors.


Bankruptcy Charts Image - Credit Management Services

It is the most affordable option where you can eliminate your debt quickly. Our Certified Credit Counsellors will work to relieve you of your unsecured debt in a time efficient manner and with least expenditure.
With the help of our experience, we not only stop any legal proceedings against you but also get your home, car, business, RRSP & other assets exempt from your creditors.



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