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Credit Management Services is an Ontario based firm with a professional and dedicated staff of government certified counselors to provide you the services of credit counselling, debt management, mortgage loans and real estate. Since the year 2003 our qualified professionals have been working with people with different financial situations, debt problems, and income and family responsibilities to fulfill their needs in all these areas.

With your utmost interest up front, we are always ready and willing to serve you. As a result of that our counsellors attend to a good number of referred clients who wish to attain our expert and friendly services for the elimination of their financial difficulties.

Our Caring Approach

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Every year Credit Management Services assists hundreds of Canadians who are faced with unaffordable financial difficulties like growing credit card debt, unpaid bills, minimum payments, store cards, student loan, govt. debt, Revenue Canada owing, high interest payday loans, personal loans, collection agencies, maxed-out line of credits and overdrafts.

You might feel that the situation is impossible to resolve. Or that you have let yourself and your family down. Or you might feel frustrated and helpless with the harassing calls. But you are not.

We can help you with the guidance and support to resolve your financial difficulties and advise you with the valuable information to get back to a more peaceful and independent financial life.

Contact us today to find out how we can help relieve your debt by providing you a personalized payment plan and much needed financial freedom.

Credit Management Services Advantage

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  • Expertise and vast experience of handling complex problems since 2003
  • Friendly & caring approach towards you with honest advice and guidance
  • We work on your behalf to solve your problems and not for your creditors

These are just some of the qualities that describe CMS, qualities that set us apart and make us the right firm to approach if you are facing debt problem.

For over a period of years, our team of Counsellors have established our reputation by serving individuals throughout Ontario who were struggling with debt problem, helping them regain their financial freedom.

We have served hundreds of referral clients who are friends or family members of the previous happy and satisfied clients. All it takes is a phone call or an email for a meeting with our certified credit counsellor.

Know Your Rights As A Debtor

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As a debtor, you are entitled to certain basic rights regardless of the size of your debts. Debt Collectors and collection agencies cannot:

  • Contact you at an unreasonable hour
  • Exert excessive pressure to compel payment (i.e. threaten you or use profane language)
  • Contact your employer without your consent (except to verify your employment)
  • Humiliate or abuse you, your family or cause anguish in the process of collecting payment
  • Use forms that haven’t been approved by the government



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