Financial Adviso

  • All your income is going to pay bills.
  • Your salary is being garnished.
  • Everyday there is fight & argument at home.
  • You are afraid to answer your own phone.
  • Creditors & Collection agencies are harassing you and threatening to take legal actions.
  • You are stuck in a cycle of high interest payday loans.

Financial Advisory Toronto

  • Reduce your debts to less than half.
  • Stop the interest right away.
  • Stop the garnishment & other legal actions.
  • Bring back your stress free family life.
  • Save you from threatening phone calls.
  • Save your home, assets and business.
  • Help you re-build your credit.

Debt Consolidation Firm Serving the Toronto, ON Area

Credit Management Services has helped thousands of clients to manage their finances and get out of debt. Our programs and services help people in all stages of their financial lives and to take the next step towards personal wealth management accomplishment.


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    We can settle the following debts under Insolvency Act.

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    The monthly payment mentioned in our proposal above is based on a 5 year plan and standard family income.


    What they’re saying

    My husband was so stressed with these credit cards bills that once he forgot to stop at a red traffic signal. Fortunately no accident happened but I called Credit Management Services right away. Two weeks later my husband was back to normal stress free life.

    E. J.

    I was afraid to pick my own phone. I was so confused and stressed all the time that I didn’t know what to do, but after meeting with a Counsellor from Credit Management Services , I felt very relaxed and he reduced my $34,000 debts to just half. Amazing!.. I can pick up my own phone now.

    M. M.

    I went back home to get married, then I had to go again because my parent got sick. Because of that I had to borrow money from my credit cards and I also lost my job. I was in huge debts. Credit Management Services reduced my debts which I am paying in interest free monthly installments now and I can keep my car.

    E. J.


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